quarta-feira, maio 17, 2006

Idanha, segundo o site do Boom Festival 06

"Boom “city” is located at an unspoilt ranch on the shores of the amazing lake of Idanha-a-Nova. Boom “city” stretches for about 3km of the lake’s shore. So you can learn, dance, enjoy and swim simultaneously.

Set amongst the beautiful surroundings of the central north of Portugal, Idanha-a-nova village is just a few kilometres away from the lake.

A magic place filled with energy ready to become the active centre of the psy-community and ready to support the Boom “city”.

This magnificent place is characterized by its biggest asset: billions of fresh crystal clear water. This mountain top lake serves as a mirror to the sky’s full moon and also as a guarantee for the survival of the local agriculture and delicate nature. Granted the honour of being part of Natura 2000. Surrounded by endless fields and cork trees.

Historically this is the region with the oldest Portuguese culture. From the Boom location you can see in the horizon the oldest village in Portugal, Monsanto just 15 km away.

Idanha-a-Nova (a village with about 3000 residents) is 50 km from the Spanish border and 35 km from the city of Castelo Branco in Portugal. The Boom location is (by car) 288 km from the capital of Portugal, Lisbon."

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