terça-feira, março 21, 2006

De Novo Boom Festival-3 a 9 de Agosto de 2006

Milhares de Jovens, provenientes de todos os Continentes, de novo na Idanha..........

Hello Boomalien.
We can already experience the pleasant “smell” and hear the bewildering “sounds” of the Boom dragons! The Boom is happening in a few full moons… Do you sense the awakening!?

Synchronicity abounds! The sixth Boom and also the year 2006.

At Boom HQ we have been working for some months into the idealization and planning of Boom 06. The concept is set for the new generation of Boom! We started working on this concept in 2004 and now we will try to bring it to its fullness in 2006 and beyond. Boom is transmutating itself into a bio-psy-visionary self sustainable eco-designed gathering.

More infos on the website…

Remember the date code!

Boom 06

Vibrating with the Full Moon of August

3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 August 2006

Get connected – Create the ripples of the cosmic lake!

New Boom Web Site

The Boom’s web site is a living organism, for many people the first taste or the memory bank of the Boom experience.

After months of conceptualisation, programming and other nasty J textual inputs – we are proud to launch the first version of the Boom 06 website. Experience its tribal organic roots knotted into cyber realities, visit www.boomfestival.org

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