terça-feira, setembro 19, 2006

BoomFestival 2006-Ecofestival

Newsletter da organização:

Hello to all visionary beings,

THANK YOU so much for your delicious mood and creative energy that made Boom 06 one of the most special ones so far – once again acting in Unison we enhanced our creativity! WE ARE ONE. So be it!

The August full Moon was memorable for most of us: artists from different areas - be it multimedia, land art, music, decoration or paint – all adding their talent into the melting pot and expanding the network; thinkers from all over the world crossed over their latest reflex-ions and presented pathways on the evident and hidden dimensions of (un)reality through the Liminal Village; a multicultural crowd interconnected and got together sharing experiences and knowledge through words, behaviors, gestures and non verbal communication;


Permeating all the above experiences the Boom enhanced itself on the way to be self-sustainable and eco-friendly in the near future.

In this point we must say that, despite HUGE efforts, the Boom venue was left filled with trash when the festival ended. Too much garbage was left behind. Sad!!

More then 250,000 € have been spent on several ecological projects (from cleaning to rubbish and sewer bio-treatments) during the Boom, but the individual behaviors must play an increasing part on this adventure. There is a huge amount of people that was helpful on feeding the eco-networks within Boom but some other people just didn't care about the negative effects one has on Nature if acting without respect.

So we must stress: Use celebration not for alienation but for improvement - be it either thru arts perception or acquiring new values. Celebrate!

Present visions:

For most of you Boom is a memory but here at the Boom HQ we are still on the move with it. The field teams are finalizing the deconstruction of all structures (yes, it has been difficult to take apart all elements of those majestic bamboo structures made by a Balinese team).

This year we have been able to recover and preserve around 90% of all the material used. So the Boom is nearly becoming a self sufficient event on the building scale. Most of the materials will be reused and none will have created trash in its way.

Visionary Elucidations:

Boom will now transfer its vision to cyberspace alongside all your individual memories.
Soon the official website will be updated and we'll give you contents and important features on the visionary culture. Be Tuned into Cyberspace and check soon the new Boom cyber house!

Boom is a cooperative event that wants to be a part of you! Please if you want to share with us your reviews, photos, videos, etc send it to: info.boomfestival.org

Soon more news!...

Boom Team

For more info: www.boomfestival.org

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