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Hello friend,

I hope this message meets you in good health of mind and body. I have an offer, a great business opportunity with regards to my deceased client. I prefer that our communication is maintained in confidence for the circumstances surrounding my late client's estates.

I am open to discuss further with you pending your interest.

Best regards,
Klaus Winkler


Hello friend,

I hope this message meets you in good health of mind and body. I have an offer, a great business opportunity with regards to my deceased client. I prefer that our communication is maintained in confidence for the circumstances surrounding my late client's estates.

I am open to discuss further with you pending your interest.

Best regards,
Klaus Winkler

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Federal Bureau of Investigation

Office of Christopher A. Wray
Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation
(FBI)Anti-Terrorist And Monitory Crime Division.
Federal Bureau Of Investigation.
J.Edgar.Hoover Building Washington Dc
Customers Service Hours / Monday To Saturday
Office Hours Monday To Saturday:
We hope this notification arrives meeting your good health and mind.Series of meetings have been held over the past 7 months during Federal Bureau of Investigation with the secretary general of the United Nations Organization. This ended months ago when I took to office as the FBI Director. It is obvious that you have not received your COMPENSATION FUND which is to the tune of US$10, 500,000 (Ten Million Five Hundred Thousand US Dollar) due to past corrupt Governmental Officials who almost held the fund to themselves for their selfish reason and some individuals who have taken advantage of your fund all in an attempt to swindle your fund which has led to so many losses from your end and unnecessary delay in the receipt of your fund.for more information do get back to us.
The National Central Bureau of Interpol enhanced by the United Nations and Federal Bureau of Investigation have successfully passed a mandate to the government of the States and Nigeria the exercise of clearing all foreign debts owed to you and other individuals and organizations who have been found not to have receive their Compensation, Contract Sum, Lottery/, Inheritance.
We are happy to inform you that based on our recommendation your outstanding COMPENSATION FUND of over-due payment in tone of US$10, 500,000 (Ten Million Five Hundred Thousand US Dollar) has been credited in your favor in Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Having said all this, we will further advise that you go ahead in dealing with the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, accordingly as we will be monitoring all their activities with you as well as your correspondence at all levels.
NOTE: There are numerous scam emails on the internet, imposters impersonating names and images. We therefore warn our dear citizens to be very careful with any claim email you receive prior to these irregularities so that they do not fall victim to this ugly circumstance anymore. And should in case you are already dealing with anybody or office claiming that you have a payment with them, you are to STOP any further contact with them immediately in your best interest and contact the real bank (Federal Reserve Bank of New York ) only where your fund is laying, with the below information:
Bank Name: Federal Reserve Bank of New York
E-mail: fed-reserva-bnks-new-york@outlook.com
Phone: +1 209-248-2297
Contact person: William C. Dudley
CEO/Federal Reserve Bank of New York
Department Code:63804
Contact the bank today and furnish them with this information below for processing of your payment/funds accordingly.
NOTE: In your best interest, any message that does not come from the above email address should be nullified and avoided immediately for security reasons. Meanwhile, we will advise that you contact the Federal Reserve Bank of New York office immediately with the above email address and request that they attend to your payment file as directed so as to enable you receive your payment/fund accordingly.
Ensure you follow all directives from Federal Reserve Bank of New York as this will further help hasten up the whole payment process in regards to the transfer of your fund to you as designated. Also have in mind that the Federal Reserve Bank of New York equally has their own protocol of operation as stipulated on their banking terms.
All modalities has already been worked out before you were contacted and note that we will be monitoring all your dealings with them as you proceed so you don't have anything to worry about. All we require from you henceforth is an update so as to enable us be on track with you and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Without wasting much time, we will want you to contact them immediately with the above email address and phone number so as to enable them attend to your case accordingly without any further delay as time is already running out.
Should in case you need any more information in regards to this notification, feel free to get back to us via email so that we can brief you more as we are here to guide you during and after this project has been completely perfected and you have received your payment/fund as stated.
Thank you very much for your anticipated co-operation.
Christopher A. Wray
Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation
J. Edgar Hoover Building
601,4th Street,
935 Pennsylvania Avenue,
NW Washington, D.C.
20535-0001, USA

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considerable offer


My name is Ebeh. Everes from Benin republic. My purpose of
writing you is about an unpaid contract project to a client (now
deceased) who executed and completed a contract project of Seven
million seven hundred thousand Euros E 7.7 for supply and
installation of agricultural/industrial equipment's at my place
of work where I am the head of the department but could not
receive the fund before his untimely death which I have just
discovered. I shall give you full details of this proposal and
myself once I read from you. I shall also use my position in the
office to update, insert your name and recommend you as the new
beneficiary of the contract project fund so that this fund can be
released to you for our own use and possibly engage into joint
business venture with you. I shall as well discuss the sharing
ration with you when you respond and indicate your interest to my
proposal BUT please do not panic because I have all the necessary
legal back-up for this transaction.

Please when replying, enclose your full names and direct
telephone numbers for quicker and easier communication to enable
us commence this project. I look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,
Ebeh Everes

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Oferta de empréstimo


Prezado Senhor ou Senhora    Você está interessado em um empréstimo de 3%?  entre em contato comigo para mais detalhes e condições. Eu posso ajudar todos aqueles que precisam de um empréstimo.  Eu posso te oferecer um empréstimo de até 10.000.000 EUR  Meu email: info@rschmidt.online    Cumprimentos    Sra. SCHMIDT

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We verstrekken leningen aan particulieren en bedrijven.
De rente zal jaarlijks 3% bedragen.
De terugbetaling duurt 1-30 jaar.
We hebben investeerders die geïnteresseerd zijn in het financieren van projecten van groot volume

Antwoord me voor meer informatie.

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We give out loans to individuals and companies.
The interest rate will be 3% annually.
Repayment duration will be 1-30 Years.
We have investors who are interested in financing projects of large volume

Reply me for more information.

-Copyright 2018®-

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Licores Serrano-Tortozendo passou a produzir um Gin de cereja do Fundão, utilizando zimbro produzido na Serra da Estrela. Dois produtos da região associados a um Gin Nacional, que se pretende que seja Premium Snow Dog-Cherry Gin
http://shantipilgrim.blogspot.pt/ Como se vive hoje no Monte dos Carvalhos. Formas de vida de uma comunidade que se fixou na Beira Interior, Mount of Oaks-Monte dos Carvalhos, Póvoa da Atalaia, Fundão

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http://www.tsf.pt/cultura/interior/idanhaanova-distinguida-pela-unesco-4925551.html Unesco promove Idanha-a-Nova no domínio das Cidades da Música.

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Primeiro Gin Tinto é português

BREAKING ZAPS ECONOMIA, VIDA & LAZER GASTRONOMIA “PRIMEIRO GIN TINTO” DO MUNDO É DE VALENÇA 31 Março, 2015 por ZAP O primeiro gin tinto do mundo, produzido por um empresa de Valença, começou hoje a ser distribuído para o mercado nacional, sendo que 600 das cinco mil primeiras garrafas seguem para Angola. “Vamos carregar a primeira palete para Angola e vamos entregar hoje aos distribuidores nacionais. Foi um processo um bocado acelerado porque o mercado da Bélgica e França estava a fazer uma pressão muito grande”, afirmou à Lusa o produtor João Guterres. O empresário adiantou que o produto “cumpre as regras exigidas para este tipo de bebidas” e que os primeiros cinco mil litros que produziu “estão todos vendidos”, com um preço de 29,80 euros, pela Decanter. “Se vender 15 mil garrafas este ano já vou ficar contente”, disse, adiantando que já tem ” ingredientes em maceração para poder produzir mais cinco mil litros”. Ligado ao sector há 50 anos, João Guterres, de 63 anos de idade, adiantou que a ideia de produzir um gin tinto começou há cerca de um ano e meio. “Comecei a recolher frutos e plantas aromáticas de Valença e comecei a fazer experiências”, explicou o empresário que também lidera a Confraria da Lampreia do rio Minho. Para produzir o novo gin utilizou as instalações de uma empresa de Valença, licenciada para a produção de vinho e investiu na aquisição da matéria prima. A produção da nova bebida implicou, nesta fase, a criação de dois novos postos de trabalho. Além de deter uma empresa de distribuição de bebidas e de possuir “alguma formação em destilação”, João Guterres adiantou que a forte ligação que tem com a gastronomia e os produtos endógenos da região foram decisivos no processo de criação da nova bebida. “O mundo das bebidas fascina-me. A minha empresa foi pioneira a trazer gin da Galiza para Portugal e para os países de língua oficial portuguesa. Um dia comecei a fazer experiências e é como na gastronomia. Neste caso a base é o álcool e depois é tudo criatividade”, disse. O novo gin tem 14 ingredientes, entre eles, o aneto, loureiro, nevêda, folha de Salgueiro, flor de sabugueiro, ervas de São Roberto, erva cidreira, lúcia-lima, folha de eucalipto, alecrim, alfazema, e o cítrico da casca da laranja verde, papoilas e amoras silvestres e perico, um fruto típico de Valença. “É um gin muito peculiar e muito mais afrutado. É um gin que apaixona mesmo as pessoas que normalmente não gostam. Pode ser servido como aperitivo ou digestivo”, explicou. Apesar das várias provas que promoveu João Guterres vai fazer a apresentação pública do “Tinto Gin Premium” no próximo dia 23 de Abril em Valença. “Foi em Valença que ele nasceu e é em Valença que tem que se dado a conhecer ao mundo”, afirmou. /Lusa